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English synthpop musician, singer and songwriter FRANKMUSIK continues promoting his fourth studio album “By Nicole“, released on digital retailers on April 27, 2014 via VDI USA Inc.

Lyrics Frankmusik - Stabilizher

[Verse 1]
When I came into this my arms were open wide
But all my friends would say I better run and hide
Cause now I feel your feet they're walking over me
But you don't even think you're doing wrong
For the failed expectations time and time again
Not so quickly have I wanted things to end
It may have started started well
But you are not not not the girl
You tricked me into thinking you once were

Nothing ventured nothing gained
And now she don't wanna know my name
But helping you just brought me pain
Yeah I can't believe I lost again, I lost again

[Chorus 1]
Why’d I go and stabilize ya?
Cause now you're okay I can’t find ya
Why’d I go and stabilize ya?
Now she don't need me like she did just yesterday

[Verse 2]
Though its over you still run around my head
I swallowed all my pride to be your friend instead
But now I realize that that was my demise
My compassion was your safety net
Now the biggest thing I didn't want to see
I was not plan A and barely your plan B
But now you built your bridge
I’m the water under it
One less obstacle that's in your way

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
Stabilize ya
Why Did I?
Stabilize ya
Why Did I?
Stabilize her
Cause you don't need me like you did just yesterday

[Bridge 1]
Oh so you're in the mood for sharing what you like to call good news
Or were you only trying to reach me just for any old excuse
Must be a wonderful existence when you don't care what you lose
Well I can't have you walk in and out of mine just when you choose

[Chorus 1] (x2)

[Bridge 2]
Now you're ok
Now you're ok
You don't need me
You don't need me
Like you did just only yesterday
But I ain't okay
I ain't okay
Took your stabilizers off and now I'm just a distant memory

[Chorus 2]

Written and produced by himself, the song will be released on iTunes (UK) in July. The music video directed by Danny Land was premiered on his Youtube channel on June 13th.

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