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Following the video premiere of his next single “Stabilizher“, English synthpop musician FRANKMUSIK has something new for us to taste. He premiered a promotional music video with brand new track called “2B“.

Lyrics Frankmusik - 2B

[Hook] (x2)
It's not who you are
It's who you wanna be, to me

[Verse 1]
I can never know your pain
But if you're willing to explain
Been in line, but me
I'm numb enough to try and
Comprehend the saddest world in which you came

[Verse 2]
But no matter how you try
Everything you describe
Trouble, situations
Trapped behind is your protection
Made it easier to run and hide

So take a shot
It don't matter what you haven't got
Soldier 'round a baby
Change your fly
Nothing's fly but you won't buy love

[Hook] (x3)

It's who you want (x2)
Who you want to be
It's who you want be
To Me
It's who you want (x3)
Who you want to be
It's who you want to be
It's who you want "2B"

The track produced by Frank and Danny Land isn’t included on his latest studio album “By Nicole“, released on April 27th via VIDI USA Inc. This song is great and so much better than some of the songs from the album.
The black and white music video was also directed by Danny Land and it was premiered on Frankmusik’s Youtube channel on Thursday June 19th.

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