AronChupa, Little Sis Nora - Llama In My Living Room (Videoclip Lyrics Versuri Info)

Swedish producer and hitmaker AronChupa has returned to the music scene with a brand-new single called “Llama In My Living Room“, and it’s crazy good.

Lyrics AronChupa, Little Sis Nora - Llama In My Living Room

My neighbour's knocking and I open carefully
He looks a bit like Ron Jeremy
He's screaming at me "damn you little Albatraoz!"
White he smaells like chips and calvadaoz.
He said what the hell is going on,
What is the goddamn grow?
That ain't no sound of Rock ‘n' Roll
I said I'm so sorry but I got this thing I have to show
That might be good for you to know
So I brought him inside
Don't know why
But then suddenly he just passed out.
I thought well alright,
Can't deny that I got a llama in my living room.

I saw my little neighbour shaking on the floor.
I never seen a man like that before.
He didn't even make it through my kitchen door.
He must have thought it was a dinosaur.
Then he opened up his eyes screaming I'mma kill that thing!
Then his big arm started to swing.
I tried to calm him down, told him take it easy now.
It's just my llama named Chow Chow.
Then he raced up, he said ‘what?'
I said I'm sorry but I just can't stop.
Now you know what.
What I got.
That I got a llama in my living room.

The single was released on digital retailers and streaming services on June 2nd via Sony Music Entertainment. The same day, the music video was also premiered through Vevo.

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