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“Ephemeral Summer” is a song recorded by English synthpop musician Frankmusik. The track produced by himself is confirmed as the lead single taken from his upcoming fourth musical project, scheduled for release in 2014.

Lyrics Frankmusik - Ephemeral Summer

[Verse 1]
She's my experience I couldn't resist
I ended up with more questions than i started with
She took me to places that I'd never seen
Then took them away again now they're just a dream

[Verse 2]
And I'd be her rebound if, if she'd be my love
I gave into quickly, cause I was never enough
I saw she was rising, but it wasn't for us
And now that I’m falling I can't see where I was

[Verse 3]
I'm thinking of England
Now I think of your smile
And I think how I broke you in my typical style

[Chorus 1]
Ephemeral summer, I'll miss you the most
Ephemeral summer, now I'll walk alone
Ephemeral summer, too close to the sun
There won't be another, I thought you were the one

[Verse 4]
Invisible summer, but where did you go?
I know its getting better, but times moving slow

[Chorus 2]
And so I'll wait for the winter, I'll wait till the end
Ephemeral summer, such a short time you spent
I won’t hold onto memories, forget what I saw
Girl I'll still remember, when you walked through that door

[Chorus 3]
Now the skies burning orange, leaves fall to the floor
Now I think I'll go join them, cause I can't take anymore
Ephemeral summer, I'll miss you the most
My ephemeral summer, now I'll walk alone

[Guitar Solo]

Now I walk alone!
Now I walk, walk, walk, walk!
Now I am alone, yeah!
Ephemeral summer, now I walk alone!
Walk alone, oh, walk alone, yeah!

The single alongside the music video directed by Danny Land was released on digital retailers and his Youtube channel on December 13. The song comes after finnish the promotion of his third studio album “Between” and “Between Us” (for American Market), released on June 7 this year.

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