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Brooke Candy continues working on her highly-anticipated debut EP, still untitled, scheduled to be release in May via RCA Records. The first official single is called ‘Opulence‘ and was released on iTunes on April 22nd.

Lyrics Brooke Candy - Opulence

Say my name, it got a ring
Hotter than my diamonds from Tiffany’s
Make you copy, cut, paste and click on me
I'm glistening, ahhh, I'm glistening, ahhh

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I'm on that
You can't afford, you can't afford
I'm maxing out on Forbes list
Yo, I bet you never seen a black card, back off
I could fit your condo in my backyard

I'm a grown queen, doing grown things
Tryna' find my hand underneath the gold rings
Make em' get in line, better recognize
Opulence, opulence, recognize
Opulence, opulence, opulence, opulence
Recognize, opulence, opulence, opulence
I own everything, baby

[Verse 2]
I pick it up
And take it down
They can kiss the ring
But they never take the crown
It ain't over till the fat lady take a bow
I'm cashing out, I'm cashing out
She's a last season sweater
I wore it last season better
They chasing after Brooke Candy
But they know they'll never get her
It's Marant or Laurent
It's McQueen or Celine
Got these bitches so jealous
I hope they look good in green
I'm on everyone's radar
I bet that's why they hate her
I'm in red bottoms, baby
But I’ll slip em' off later
Couple shots, it’s a blur
Someone call me a car
Man, this wrist is so icy
Gucci Mane is like burr (BRRR)


Uh, I'm pulling up in that new new (what?)
Uh, bet you wish that I knew you
Uh, rolling off in that new new
Getting paper bigger than your crew tools
Opulence, opulence, opulence, opulence
Recognize, opulence, opulence, opulence
I own everything, baby

A video teaser was exclusively unveiled on on April 17th. The full Director’s Cut video was premiered on VEVO on Monday April 28th. About the video Klein said:
Opulence is an exploration of the horror of excessive materialism disguised as beauty in our present age: a visual modern interpretation of the Biblical Golden Calf, in which we are willing to sell out souls and shed our blood for material luxury and false idols

The video is… tragically diabolical!

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