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Keyshia Cole delivers another music video. Two days after premiering music videos for “N. L. U” featuring American rapper 2 Chainz and “Love Letter” featuring Future, the R&B/Soul music diva looks flawless while enjoying the high life on a yacht for the music video of another track called “Believer“.

Lyrics Keyshia Cole - Believer

[Verse 1]
It’s only right, boy
To touch you like I’m touching you, right now
To give you everything you need, ooh boy
You don’t have to worry, not at all
Remember last night boy
I screamed out “Oh my God!” It felt right, boy
We got so loud, they told us to pipe down
But once we turn it on, can’t turn it off

In the morning right before I let you, get up
I love you down and make it where its hard to get up
From my lips won’t miss a spot, then work your way up
Lift my hands and feet up

Make you a believer, a true believer
On your knees believer
Boy I'mma leave ya
Prayin' that this night will never end, believer
Make a believer
Tonight your faith is going deeper
As your knees get weaker
I'mma have you shoutin' out

[Verse 2]
It’s only right boy
To do you like a woman is supposed to
Won’t stop until you will want to propose, ooh
Rush into forever, let’s go
It’s only right boy
You wanna get a kiss to me right now
The one to your heart [into ?], boy
We got something special, I know

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook] (x2)

The music video directed by John Colombo and Keyshia Cole was premiered alongside the album’s release on iTunes.

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