Peg Parnevik - New York (Videoclip Lyrics Versuri Info)

Swedish singer-songwriter and TV personality Peg Parnevik has released her first original Christmas carol called “New York (Handles Heartbreak Better)”💃

Lyrics Peg Parnevik - New York

I'm jealous of the city
The way you spend your nights with her
They say the girls are very pretty
But 22's too young to get hurt
And the snow is gently falling
And there's presents on the floor
But this plane is leaving tomorrow
New York handles hearbreak better than you
Better than you, you, you

Jealous of the pavement
The way you call the streets your home
No, I won't be negotiated
I hope you feel this in your bones
You swear you're tired and alone
But I hear she's hanging around
You say it's love, then show me
Cause New York handles hearbreak better than you
Better than you, you, you

And I've been waiting, loving (?)
Swear you're gonna leave her
And every christmas time I think of you
Yes I do, yes I do
Remember we danced, you fumbled your steps
But said you'd never let go
Remember we cried, for days at a time
Oh baby why won't you come home
Cause I've been waiting in New York patient for you
Oh, for you, you, you

It tore me up inside
I've been waiting, waiting, waiting
(I've been waiting)
In those dirty hotel rooms
The snow is on the pavements
At Rockefeller, too
(I've been waiting, waiting)
Won't you swear you'll leave her?

Baby I ain't lonely
New York, New York

The music video directed by Noah Sebnat was premiered through Vevo on December 16th via The Kennel and Sony Music Entertainment.💦

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