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After releasing his debut album “Why?“ back in September. American recording artist singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides has delivered new track called “The Letter“.

Lyrics Jacob Whitesides - The Letter

As I lay in the bed we used to lay, I breathe broken breaths
And think of the days when we had it all figured out
Two kids in the house, two dogs in the fence
I gambled your love, I lost all of it and now, I'm so sorry
Baby, I love you, please come home

No one's got the answer to what I'm going through
If you hear now, you know what to do, but I, yes, I'm on my own
Baby, I love you, please come home

I've thrown away keys, I've locked all my doors
Now I'm scared as hell that you love him more and he'll be perfect for you
And you'll be perfect too

So to the next man, please handle with care
She's a delicate soul, she's a breath of fresh air
You won't deserve her love
But give her all your love
Baby, I love you, but I'm not in love
Baby, I know you'll find your love

This slow and emotional piece was written by himself and showcases his songwriting and captivating vocal talent. It was premiered through his Soundcloud page on January 27th, while the music video, which was directed by Jacob himself along Marc Scibilia, was premiered on 29th.

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