Alyssa Reid - Satisfaction Guaranteed (Videoclip Lyrics Versuri Info)

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” is a song recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter Alyssa Reid. The track is confirmed as the second promotional single taken from her upcoming sophomore studio album, still untitled, that’s scheduled for release later this year via Wax Records.👪👫👂❤❤

Lyrics Alyssa Reid - Satisfaction Guaranteed

I screwed up, I know
And I did wrong, I know
Why'd I let you down?
You're the best thing around

There's a hole in my heart
And it tears me apart
Cause I let you down
And you're the best thing I found

I know what you like
Baby, I know what you need
And if you come here tonight
Satisfaction guaranteed
Just call me baby again
I ain't to proud to plead
Oh, I'll take care of you
Satisfaction guaranteed

The clock ticks it's time
But I still can't unwind
Cause I need your lips
And you heart next to mine

So I drove past your place
Just to see your face
Why'd I let you down
You're the best thing around


I'm only human, you make mistakes too
Ain't nobody else do you like I do you like I do
Forgive and try to walk in my shoes
Ain't nobody else do you like I do you like I do


This new single comes after finnishing the promotion of the lead single “Running Guns“, released on March 19th, 2013. The single was released in Canadian iTunes on September 17th and for the international markets you can buy the track via her Bandcamp.

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