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After getting a proper introduction early this year with “That Night” and releasing some covers of originals songs of other artists throughout the year, American emerging singer-songwriter Caitlin Linney is back with some new music.

Lyrics Linney - Alone Tonight

[Verse 1]
You feel familiar
Like time hasn’t past
Back when I thought I’d
Be your first and your last

It's second nature by your side
Stuck under the traffic light
Out of range & out of sight

So let’s relive this one more night
5 years later you still drive
That beat-up truck I always liked

I won’t let you fall asleep alone tonight

[Verse 2]
So let's take the back road
That we used to drive
It's easy to lose time
When you're by my side

Park the car, turn off the lights
Water tower in our sight
Forgetting I'm afraid of heights

Let's climb up to the top again
Like how we did it way back when
We let the world just spin and spin

I won’t let you fall asleep alone tonight
I won’t let you fall asleep alone tonight
I won’t let you fall asleep alone tonight

[Hook] (7x)
I’ll keep you safe in memories
I’ll keep you, I’ll keep you

The track is a lovely pop-rock piece wrapped with her dreamy vocals. It was written by Linney herself along Jeff Schoeny who is also responsible behind the production.
“Alone Tonight” was released on digital retailers and streaming services on December 16th via Call Me Carolina.✋✌

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